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Breakfast Pop Up at Perkatory Roasters


We’re teaming up with our friends at Perkatory Roasters to do a breakfast pop-up at their coffee shop!

Pop by and get one of our deliciously crunchy popovers filled to the brim with breakfast delights that pair super well with a hot cup of Perkatory's coffee.

Filling options for the morning are:
SAUSAGE GRAVY filled Pops - 
Popovers filled with hand made pork sausage in a rich gravy. A New England take on a Southern staple.

Popovers filled with vegan breakfast hash, full of potatoes, beans, and veggies. A hearty compliment to a cool morning.

Plain popovers with a side of maple butter will also be available.

First come, first served while supplies last. Cash and credit cards accepted. Pop on by!

Link to Facebook event: